Release Date :March 2001
Label :A&M
Catalogue No :490 899-2
Total Length :72:18
The Ultimate Collection
1.Don't Pay The Ferryman3:50
2.Missing You 20014:03
3.Fatal Hesitation4:14
4.Ship To Shore3:43
5.The Lady In Red4:16
6.When I Think Of You3:25
7.Sailing Away4:59
8.Two Sides To Every Story
(Duet with Shelley Nelson)
9.Tender Hands4:27
10.A Spaceman Came Travelling5:04
11.I Want It, (And I Want It Now!)
(DJ Q-Ball Re-mix)
12.Patricia The Stripper 20004:03
14.Say Goodbye To It All5:03
15.Where Peaceful Waters Flow3:55
16.This Waiting Heart4:07
17.High On Emotion4:30